Healthy relationships not trivial matter

True or False: Physical touching is not a way to communicate emotional love.

Answer: False

Question: The deepest human need is to feel _______________.

Answer: Appreciated

A trivia game might seem, well, trivial, but the subject matter is not.

With support from USO Fort Riley, including the venue on Custer Hill, the Family Advocacy Program of Army Community Service is conducting monthly trivia games, called Spin the Wheel Lunchtime Trivia, with the questions centered on topics like relationships, marriage and parenting.

The event on Feb. 23 was on the subject of love and intimacy, said Carolyn Tolliver- Lee, family advocacy specialist for the Family Advocacy Program.

“It’s something we have done for the month of February,” Tolliver-Lee said.

Correct answers helped the participants, which included Soldiers and family members, to a variety of prizes: sunglasses, blankets, gift certificates to Starbucks, adhesive card holders and a book by Ernest Smith titled “The Contract: A Defined Approach on Dating/ Relationships.”

It was helpful to Pvt. Austin Cox of the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division.

“I’m recently married,” Cox said, “and I know a lot of young Soldiers are new to the relationship world.”

The discussion frequently went beyond the limits of the question and answer to include related information. For ex¬ample, Tolliver-Lee seized an opportunity to discuss the dif¬ference between infatuation and mature love.

Research shows that relationships of two years or less are based on infatuation, she said. “That’s the period when we are always on our best behavior. Then, after that period, it can be called a mature, stable relationship.”

A bonus for this session was the unplanned presence of Chap. (Capt.) Travis Kirkman, 5th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd ABCT, 1st Inf. Div. After participating with a ques¬tion he briefly discussed the difference between sex and true intimacy with the group.

“I come here (to the USO) for lunch sometimes,” he said, adding that occasionally Soldiers will open up a conversation with him.

Aimee Roark, an intern with the ACS who joined Tolliver-Lee in conducting the game, said the trivia game setting is effective.

“It’s interactive and that is more effective than a classroom setting,” Roark said. “It helps people retain the information.”

Roark is the spouse of Maj. Benjamin Roark of the 1st Inf. Div. G-5 office. Maj. Roark is deployed with the Division in Iraq.

The Spin the Wheel Lunchtime Trivia event in March will revolve around the subject of parenting. Children are welcome. For more information, call ACS at 785-239-9435.

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