A Military Member’s Best Friend, Remi

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Remi supports military members in the field.

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Remi loves to sit in the laps of our military members and military families.

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Military members laugh after seeing such a big dog try to be a lap dog.

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Remi can be seen comforting many service members during the day.

We all know that a best friend to humankind is a dog. They provide comfort, joy, and can offer aid in certain circumstances. Which is why the USO has implemented the Canine Program! Our furry USO members provide a canine companionship for military members and their families during their hardships and sacrifices.

Trained through the Warriors Best Friend program, USO Kansas is grateful to have a therapy dog who serves the Fort Riley community as well as McConnell Air Force Base and Fort Leavenworth. Remi, short for Remington, has already served over 1,700 hours since February of 2022 and has played an instrumental impact into the growth of morale and welfare for military members and their dependents. Remi has visited service members in the field, at training sites, military facilities, military functions, family functions, USO programs, and of course, daily at the USO Kansas center. Although military families come to the USO for its great programs and resources, Remi has been a main attraction!

Many military members express their excitement upon seeing Remi and can be seen with big smiles as they spend quality time with him. Most service members are not permitted to have animals if they reside in the military barracks, making them really appreciate the companionship Remi offers at the facility or at outreach opportunities.

Despite being a large dog, Remi’s favorite way to provide comfort is to sit in someone’s lap. This brings a few chuckles as he shamelessly puts his big body on a service member thinking he’s a lap dog no matter how big he is! Even the tiniest members of the military community will find Remi ready to sit on a lap, no matter how small. He truly brings a lot of joy to our military community in Kansas, and we are grateful for his first year of service at the USO.

To find out more about the canine program, please visit https://www.uso.org/…/45-meet-the-therapy-dogs-of-the-uso.

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