USO Snack Kits for Deploying Service Members

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Service members enjoy snack kits and water while waiting for their deployment to Europe.

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Military member attaches the USO canvas snack kit to their bag, showcasing the durability and ease of using these kits!

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USO snack kits prepped for military members while they wait to start their rotation to Europe

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A happy service member with their USO snack kit.

The USO’s mission is to strengthen America’s military members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation. Our organization delivers this mission by providing services at our MEPS stations, airport and installation facilities, as well as our programs and events. One of the many ways that we take care of our military members, is through deployment support.

With the help of the USO’s expeditionary team, USO Kansas provided Fort Riley’s 2nd Brigade ample support and assistance with their rotation to Eastern Europe by providing 1,500 snack kits and 1,500 water bottles. Right as the holiday season began, USO Kansas staff members hauled many boxes over a series of several days to where thousands of service members awaited their departure. Each day, staff members happily distributed hundreds of kits and water bottles within minutes to military members. Many expressed their gratitude for sustenance to hold them over as they wait many hours before their long journey to Europe. There were some familiar faces as well, as some of USO Kansas’s volunteers were making their trek overseas.

Smiles on their faces and lifted spirits can be seen after receiving a canvas USO bag filled with tasteful treats. Such a small gesture has made an instrumental impact for our sacrificing service members who left as the holiday season just started, apart from their families.

Our expeditionary team not only provides snack kits to our hardworking service members, but our team also provides toiletry kits that are filled with hygiene essentials for both women and men. Our female hygiene kits have been a new addition that we are happy to have started several years ago. To find out more about the USO’s care packages or to request some for your unit, please visit

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