Falling Into Place

Preparations for this year’s Fall Apple Day fest near completion

From apple pies to military rides and strengthening family ties, the free annual Fall Apple Day festival is Sept. 23 at Artillery Parade Field from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fall Apple Day is open to the public and includes a variety of activities, demonstrations and displays for visitors to enjoy.

“Fall Apple Day is a community driven event that gives you a glimpse into Fort Riley’s unique charms and history,” said Pam Quichocho, one of the two Pie Queens from the Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley. “This year is extraordinary as the 1st Infantry Division is celebrating their 100th anniversary.”

The two Pie Queens, along with other members of HASFR, will be selling pies for $13 made from Libby Custer’s recipe.

“The Pie Queens, and the Pie Queens only, have this secret recipe for Libby Custer’s apple pies, and now bake them and present them to everyone who comes to Fort Riley for (Fall) Apple Day,” said Maggy Gray, a Pie Queen for HASFR. “This recipe has been passed on from Pie Queen to Pie Queen since the 1980s.”

Other highlights of the festival include a military working dog performance, a performance by the Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard, period re-enactors, live entertainment on the stage, displays of military equipment and more.

“Besides the legendary Libby Custer Apple Pies, there are so many fun things to do on (Fall) Apple Day,” Gray said. “The gun range, where kids and adults can fire real weapons is an especially unique and fun experience. The kids all love the obstacle course and ATV course and everybody loves seeing the static displays, where you can experience the helicopters and other vehicles up close. The museum is arranging for more historic military vehicles than ever before and the re-enactors to go with them, truly bringing history to life to everyone that comes out to (Fall) Apple Day.”

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