Get real about your transition out of service with USO Pathfinder

“I spent 19 of my 29 years of active duty service with the United States Army as a career counselor advising soldiers on their careers and reenlisting them to stay on the team. During the interviews, I would sit down with them and ask if they had plans for when they would leave the service. In having these conversations, I realized that many of them had no idea what they were going to do next. In April of 2016 it was my turn to transition out of the service and as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, I was confident that I was going to be offered a job walking out the door. Boy, was I wrong! It quickly became clear to me how different civilian life would be. In active duty service, our focus becomes the mission, and civilian priorities such as housing, benefits, income, education, etc. are taken care of for us. But once we leave service, we find that we need to handle new tasks that we never had to do before. In June 2016, I accepted a position as a Scout for a new program designed to support transitioning service members: USO Pathfinder. In my role, I meet with service members and help them develop a personalized action plan. I support them with completing and receiving their VA benefits, as well as connect them with resources to support them with employment, housing, wellness, financial readiness and so many others. I call each person individually and check in on them throughout the process to see how they are doing and how I can offer advice and support. It has been extremely rewarding to support and witness successful transitions from the service. I LOVE what I do and truly believe in the USO Pathfinder program. I want to see these young men and women be successful in life - Mission First, Soldiers Always!”

— John V., USO Pathfinder Scout at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Get real about your transition out of service with USO Pathfinder. Learn more about our program.

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